Do you need help understanding the special education process? Do you need someone to explain your child’s IEP in plain language? Let me help you!

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During my years as an educator, I taught students in early childhood, elementary, middle and high school levels. I worked in a resource room setting and a self-contained setting. I received my undergrad from Pittsburg State University, my master’s from Baker University and my doctorate from the University of Kansas.

Cook Behavior Co. is a company created to provide information to families and teachers who love children with special needs. I created this company after 20 years in public education. I provided services to students as a special education teacher, an autism consultant and a special education administrator. Over those years, I learned about the nuances of working with students who have wide and varying degrees of needs. My love for teaching and for students and their families motivates me to spread information to anyone who will listen. My passion is providing all students an exceptional educational experience.