Ready, Set, Go!

Welcome to the very first blog post for Cook Behavior Co.! This picture captures the reason I became a teacher. The reason I took my biological children to the school every Saturday to spend hours prepping for the next week. The reason a fourth of my grocery cart was filled with snacks and reinforcements for “my kids”. I loved this little guy with all my heart. No amount of name calling, climbing the walls or poo smearing could change that.

I’ve spent my entire career in public education and I’ve never worked so hard as my years teaching in a classroom for elementary students with autism and intellectual disability. During those years, I put in more hours and more tears than any other time in education. I also made my very best friends (my amazing paraprofessionals) and I truly LOVED my students. Those kiddos taught me more than I learned in all of my college courses combined.

The purpose of this blog is to share stories and knowledge that I have gained over the last 20 years. My hope is that parents and educators will access my blog and my website to ask questions and find answers. As my website and company continue to develop, you will find helpful resources, products and inspiration to guide you on your journey.

Ready, Set, Go! We’re on our way!!